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Location, Balneolecheniya

Republic Center Balneolechenia is located in Pervomajskij district of Minsk. The center has a very good location: close to metro station Moskovskaya, a large recreation park - a park Chelyuskintsev, Central Botanical Garden of Academy of Sciences of Belarus, the building BTRC.
Center has wide opportunities of modern diagnostics, outpatient treatment and medical rehabilitation. The basis of treatment is the use of natural therapeutic factors: mineral waters and sapropelic mud. There is own mineral sodium-chloride water. The chemical composition of the water is analogous to mineral waters of such famous resorts as Druskininkai, Myrgorod, Staraya Russa. Integrated application of natural factors (mineral water and mud) in combination with modern methods of physical therapy, various types of massage therapy, non-traditional methods of treatment can successfully treat a wide range of diseases: cardiovascular, respiratory and female genitals, the nervous system , urogenital and musculoskeletal systems. Here, each vacationer can take a course of therapeutic procedures on selected medical profile, designed for 12 or 18 days.
Center Balneolechenia provides its visitors with the strongest diagnostic facilities: lab tests conducted by experts of the highest level on modern machines with the use of advanced technologies and new reagents.
Centre does not have its own capacity. Those who wish take a course of rehabilitation on the basis of a Rehabilitation center have the opportunity to book a tour (accommodation and food) in located at 3 km from Minsk health-improving center Svitanok.

  Balneolecheniya   Balneolecheniya

Balneolecheniya - general information:

  • foundation year - 1983
  • reconstruction year - 2009
  • category on attestation results: first (health resort )
  • Check-in:
    • Check-in at: 08:00
    • check-out at: 20:00
    • nights (morning check-in, check-out in the evening of the 12th day)
  • the children are received for the main place from 7 years, the treatment is provided from 7 years
  • area square - 2.7 hectares, is guarded by the MIA non-departmental security service
  • Balneolecheniya is at the distance: city Minsk - in,
  • geographical coordinates - 5355.064' N, 2737.684' E
  • Accomodation, meals Balneolecheniya

    Balneolecheniya - accomodation:

  • Floors: 3
  • Elevator:there is
  • Transitions:there is
  •   Balneolecheniya
  • Floors: 1
  • Elevator:there isn't
  • Transitions:there is
  •   Balneolecheniya
  • Floors: 5
  • Elevator:there is
  • Transitions:there is
  •   Balneolecheniya
  • Floors: 2
  • Elevator:there isn't
  • Transitions:there is
  • scheme of territory

  • Meals Balneolecheniya

    Balneolecheniya - meals:

    • The dining-hall is located in:

    Balneolecheniya - power type:

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